I was almost tempted to call this post Christine’s (Unfinished) Art is Everywhere but thought that might detract from the theme that I was trying to convey and that is that art is everywhere. It could be in the cloud formations, in the old rundown building nestling in the landscape, in the misty morning light or the warm glow of afternoon. Wherever you look art is everywhere.


Just a few of the things I would like to paint some day.

The artist in me has been subdued for a while but observation goes on even though the actual painting is almost non-existent.

I collected a few items from the front garden over nine months ago and this is what burst forth today. (My niece conceived and gave birth to a new baby daughter quicker than that – her name is Olivia Anne).



Geese_door_rsz by cmeak2011
Geese_door_rsz, a photo by cmeak2011 on Flickr.

Geese at the feedshed door.

With a little artistic licence an everyday scene like this could become a charming work of art. It’s pretty difficult to get geese to stand still while you take a photo so I took a few shots and rearranged the subjects a little.

My husband turned down the wooden teapot stand on the lathe and the scene was painted with acrylic paint and given a few coats of clear varnish to finish. Here’s how it turned out.
Teapot Stand with geese

Staging Post Ruins

Staging Post Ruins by cmeak2011
Staging Post Ruins, a photo by cmeak2011 on Flickr.

My watercolour painting ‘Staging Post Ruins’ was recently added to the website Paintings I Love
I have had some amazing comments from fellow artists here.
Why don’t you add some of your own work to this site, view some of the other artist’s work or leave a comment?

Making Contact

I have had a wonderful time in the last few days setting up various contacts with a few social media tools and my brand new website.

What I found particularly enjoyable was the quantity and quality of art work that is available on-line to browse from the desktop.

I found this artist who I have been following for a number of years in Australian Artist Magazine. John Lovett is a highly respected Australian watercolour artist and you can see what he has been doing in France with his latest workshop on his blog.

You might also wish to explore some of my other favourite sites that are bookmarked on Diigo.